Old Ranger American Home Security System

Essential Interactive Security

Peace of Mind

A Ranger Technology Solutions security system watches over your home 24 hours a day,
guarding against intrusions, fire and even medical emergencies.

Control Your system from home, work or at play
Use your smart phone to connect with your security system.  Peace of mind 24/7 around the house, around the block or while you are around the world.
Be at ease knowing your children are home from school safe and secure.
Interactive home security Dallas Texas
Interactive home security Dallas Texas
Rapid response with medical panic buttons.  Help is on the way.
24/7 monitoring for deadly carbon monoxide gas.
Be aware when your doors are locked or unlocked.


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With Digital Cellular Communication

  • Stay connected with your laptop, IPad or mobile communications device
  • Easy to use Web interfaces or mobile apps
  • Manage user codes interactively
  • Text-Email messages who/when armed/disarmed system
  • No home phone required


  • New/upgraded control panel
  • Cellular alarm communication device
  • 1 keypad
  • 3 entry contacts
  • 1 motion detector
  • Download our smart phone app for arming/disarming your system

With Ranger’s essential interactive home security system, you control, manage, administer and monitor your home and security system from any pc, laptop, Ipad or smart phone. You will know when your children are safely home from school. You get an email or text alert when the cleaning people come and go. You get text or email reminders of your security systems’ arm/disarm status. Arm or disarm your system, manage/assign user access codes, monitor who arms or disarms your system while you are around the house, around the block or around the world.

There is no worrying about cutting your home phone line. There is no landline or home phone required. With our smoke communicators, you are monitored for smoke detection whether your system is armed or not. You get 24/7 monitoring protection from intrusions, fire, smoke and medical emergencies. You have peace of mind knowing your home, family and treasured possessions are safe and secure while you are at home, work or at play.

Call (888) 854-8773, email us at sales@rangertechnologysolutions.com or complete the contact information above to schedule an in-home presentation and evaluation of your specific needs. We can upgrade your existing system or completely replace that old system. We will design an essential security system for your home that meets your lifestyle and budget.

Ultimate Interactive Security

Use your smart phone to manage and access your home security system

Be Safe, Secure and Smart

Actually see the kids come home from school
Review security video clips
Turn on lights before entering your house
See which doors are locked
Interactively lock / unlock doors
Notification that your medicine cabinet is open
Know when your garage door is left open

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Essential Interactive Security

Smart home security from Ranger Technology Solutions

Be Safe and Secure

Connect with your mobile device
Access your security system from anywhere
Interactive arming/disarming functions
Know when the kids are home from school
Identify which doors are opened / closed
Be aware who armed / disarmed your system

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Traditional Home Security

Safe, Sound, Smart wireless home security

Be Safe

System control using keypads/keyfobs
24/7 monitoring and protection
Save money on homeowner's insurance
Medical, police, fire "panic" buttons

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